Explore an
Unknown World

Tech Hunter is a science-fiction treasure hunting puzzle game. Use your fleet of unique vehicles to explore an alien planet, discover advanced technology and upgrade your tools and equipment.

Hidden Artefacts

A mysterious civilisation has scattered artefacts in underground structures.
Solve the puzzles within to reveal more about the planet and the civilisation.

Upgrade your

Upgrade your fleet of vehicles to solve a variety of challenges. Unlock new abilities and discover more vehicles as you play. Can you solve the Tech Hunter mystery?


Split Symmetry is a local game development team from Adelaide, South Australia. Read more about the team below.


Richard is an experienced game and simulation programmer, having worked in the simulation and serious games industry as co-founder and Lead Programmer of Holopoint Interactive for several years. He also works on game projects in his own time. One of his games, Master Thief, was published by GameTraders and is available on Google Play.

When he’s not building games Richard teaches game programming.


Jamie has experience in the entertainment games industry as well as in simulation and serious games. Before returning to South Australia where he joined Holopoint, Jamie worked in the AAA games industry as an Environment Artist on Team Bondi’s L.A. Noire, released on PC and consoles.

Jamie has also taught Game Asset creation at the University of South Australia, and currently works at an animation studio in Adelaide.


Anna is an experienced graphic designer and artist. Her considerable experience spans commercial branding, video game projects and traditional art. Her games have been on show at conventions and her art, both digital and traditional, has been featured in exhibitions.

Anna also works on games and applications as a digital artist at an Adelaide studio.


Ben has worked on recently-released titles for two of Adelaide's largest mobile game studios. He has a passion for developing high quality graphics techniques, environments and gameplay mechanics.

In his spare time, Ben enjoys devleoping shaders and playing electric guitar.